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No More Sore Ribs

How many times did you wish you could surf longer? With sore ribs, this could seem to be a distant dream but not anymore with PaddleAir Ergo.

Designed by David Hilts, a fit surfer from Huntington Beach, PaddleAir is for people who wanted to surf more and longer.

PaddleAir Ergo inflated
PaddleAir Ergo inflated

How does it work?
PaddleAir Ergo comes with an air pocket stitched in at the chest level. All it needs are two puffs and off you go for longer hours in the waves.

Why you should get PaddleAir?

  • It offers protection from getting sore ribs. It cushions your chest and protects your rib cage.
  • UPF 50+ UV Protection
  • Improves paddling position for more power-per-stroke
  • Great ergonomic design for high performance
  • Stylish design – comes in Neoprene front and Lycra body
  • Flexibility – great for shortboards, longboards, kneeboards, bodyboards and can be worn alone or over a wetsuit

Don’t let sore ribs get into your way of enjoying the waves – PaddleAir can help you do that. You can buy PaddleAir here.