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Can’t see because of the glare? Tension headache coming on? Worried that your sunnies will come off? You need SeaSpecs.

Which of these cool SeaSpecs colours would you pick???

(Did you know that none of our customers have ever lost a pair of SeaSpecs in the surf?)   

Check out all the great things you can do with a pair of SeaSpecs

Wakeboarding * Waterskiing * Kneeboarding * Surfing * Fishing * Boating * Sailing * Cycling * Kayaking * Kiteboarding * Horse Riding * Jetskiing * Motorcycling * Snowboarding * Snow Skiing * PWC * Rock Climbing…

Need to Know More?

  • Do you ever find yourself squinting from the glare, wishing you could really see what’s going on so that you can fully focus on the action?
  • Maybe you’ve got a pair of sunnies, but you can’t really rely on them because they might come off at the crucial moment.
  • Your eyes are getting sore and tired; and is that a tension headache coming on?

You can use SeaSpecs anywhere where you need protection from the sun, wind, salt or sand/dirt and you can’t afford to worry about your glasses coming off.

Constant glare from hours in the sun gives you sore red eyes and can cause growths such as pterygiums that can threaten your sight and require surgery and weeks out of action.

Get yourself a pair of SeaSpecs now!

Roger Savage, the owner of The Surf Guru says:

“After a few years of surfing with no eye protection I developed pterygiums on both eyes and had to have them surgically removed. That was excruciatingly painful. Now I don’t go surfing without my SeaSpecs. No more red-eye and squinting for me. My surfing is much more enjoyable now”

What Makes Them So Awesome?

Because they work! They are great quality, good looking, rugged sunnies that will give you years of hassle-free, secure comfort and protection.

Just look at what you get:

  • Extreme Lenses – impact resistant & polarized providing 100% UVA & UVB Protection!
  • Secure Adjustable Strap – glasses will not come off
  • Patented Frame and Hinges - extremely strong, yet lightweight.
  • SeaSpecs float!
  • Soft Nose and Bridge Cushion - comfort and protection
  • SeaSpecs Head Size - fits almost all men, women and children
  • Soft Microfibre Carry Case – doubles as lens wipe
  • One Year locally backed Warranty

Why choose inferior glasses when you can get the GENUINE PRODUCT for a good price?
** We guarantee authenticity! **
and… did we mention that they don’t come off?

As you’re probably aware, there are slightly cheaper as well as much more expensive brands of extreme sports sunglasses on the market today. A lot of them look fairly similar and claim to do virtually the same things as SeaSpecs.

However, all is not what it seems….

One of our customers, Frank of Gymea NSW, recently sent us this review where he compares SeaSpecs to another leading brand (we’ll call them “Brand X”), that look almost identical to SeaSpecs, but cost substatntially more.

The SeaSpecs design is much better than the design of the Brand X glasses which I have used before for the following reasons:

  • the SeaSpecs are better ventilated and fog is much less an issue
  • SeaSpecs is using a non-stretch band which keeps the glasses attached to your head and it really is difficult to get the glasses off ones head if the band is properly tightened – in contrast, the Brand X sunnies use an elastic strap which seems to be a good idea; however, for ventilation reasons, you cannot tighten the strap too much => they come off after bad kitesurfing crashes into the water and over the past years I have already lost 4 pairs of Brand X sunnies
  • the SeaSpecs glasses float in water while the Brand X sunnies do not float unless you attach some floatation device to them.

So, here’s the deal…

SeaSpecs have been around for years. They’ve done the work and ironed out the bugs to give you a product that does what it says and at a price that won’t break the bank.

**Latest News–SeaSpecs tested out on the reef against other leading brands**

Dive Boat Diver Misha Zigas, of the Deep Sea Divers Den of Cairns has just tested the SeaSpecs in action out on The Great Barrier Reef:

I work on the Barrier Reef and my crew need good working glasses. We have had the SeaSpecs out on the reef against Ray Ban, Jim Maui and Costa del Mar … for reef spotting, versatility, and all day wearing, SeaSpecs come out on top. They are comfortable, light, fog free and stylish, not to mention good at piercing through the water for reef and fish spotting.Value for Money – Excellent!”

What colour would you like?

We stock SeaSpecs in Jet Black, Cobalt Blue, Copper, Lightning White, SunFire Red, Soleil Yellow, Tortuga and Sunset Black. (Check out the pictures in the image gallery at the top of the page)
Note that the Sunset Black and Tortuga Specs have a special brown polarized lens that is excellent for cloudy, early morning and late afternoon, low light conditions.

How quickly will they arrive?

Our aim is to get your SeaSpecs to you as quickly as we can – we know you’re hanging out for them!
Most SeaSpecs ship out same day and arrive safely within a few days.
If you want them even quicker, then we suggest that you select Express Post.
We will email you when your sunglasses have been shipped.

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More satisfied clients…

“Awesome sunglasses and how fast was delivery – less than 24hrs.I was on the way out the door for a surf when the postie turned up with them, so they’re off for a surf too.” Davon Gawn of Banora Point NSW.

“They look fantastic and are very comfortable to wear and the strap is so easy to use. I can’t wait to try them out on my next skydive. Thanks again…” Wayne Lyngkuist of Auchenflower QLD

“Tested them with first face plant they are strong, flexible and brilliant in surf” Ross Abraham of Varsity Lakes QLD

“Recently bought and love the glasses now the rest of the family want them.  I use mine as a lifesaver and particularly when I patrol on a Waverunner. Quite often get wet but we use a product called RainX on them to keep the water off and don’t have to worry about losing them if you punch thru a wave. They are good solid glasses and with polarisation cut down on the glare. Great product.” Dave Chiverton of Capalaba QLD

“Awesome on the water, no mist and stay on – thanks!” Stuart Connell of Melbourne VIC

“I have tried them out, they work a treat! Now I don’t need to worry about losing another pair of sunnies on the jet ski!”Brandon Dudley of Wantima VIC

“Awesome specs. Wore them surfing Tuesday. Fantastic! Got smashed and they didn’t come off thanks. Also great for fishing.” Mark Coonan of Payneham SA

“Lost a second set of Maui Jim’s in the surf being dumped in my sea kayak on the weekend, that’s 2 X $350, guess I have not learnt my lesson yet, been looking at your gear for a while. Thanks for prompt dispatch, will give them a go this weekend.” Mark Lawrie of Runcorn QLD

“Very happy with the item. The back strap makes them perfect for fishing (which is why I purchased them).  Thanks again for the transaction. Will certainly recommend you guys to others.” Chris Schade of Hobart TAS

“Very  happy with my new sunnies. Just back from a sailing regatta, so was  wearing them for the past 5 days straight. Great lenses, nice and light,  don’t even notice they are on your face” Grahame Bear of Mosman (NSW)

“I’m  using the SeaSpecs every time I surf – my eyes are not as red after a  surf. Less sun and less salt water impact when duck diving or getting  smashed. My eyes recover much faster. Water drops on the lenses are not a  big deal – I just give the frame a bit of a shake once I’m out the  back. All good.” Kieran Bibby of Mount Coolum (QLD)

“Last time I rode the ski in the bay and riding into the wind I couldn’t see, so I’m hoping the SeaSpecs will help…” Dan Hall of Somerton (VIC)

“I’m really getting them because I have pterygiums and they cause me great discomfort at the moment, and with trip to PNG at the end of the month, I thought why not!” Geoff Connors of Newcastle (NSW)

“Have been out for a surf with my SeaSpecs (finally!) and was very impressed.” Shaun Handley of Port Willunga (SA)

“Fab sunnies, great for kayaking. 10 out of 10″ Mignon Geering of Wudinna SA

“Great.. so quick. The SeaSpecs don’t come off.” Mick Wilson of Brisbane (QLD)

“Great glasses, brilliant for jetski !” Craig McMullen of Gosford NSW

“Great item! Very handy with the glare off the ocean when on my jetski “   Dean Carter of Robe SA

“Afternoon surfs and kiting facing west is taking its toll. So the SeaSpecs should be well used.”  Dave Martin of Streaky Bay SA

“I received the Seaspecs in good time and they do the job in the outrigger.” Ross Macrae of Yeppoon QLD

“Glasses working well on yacht and driving.”    Peter Brown of Cape Woolamai VIC

Testimonials are given, they represent the experiences that have been provided by individual clients and may not be typical of what every individual will experience. All testimonials are provided voluntarily, without payment, inducement or other benefit and are from genuine clients.


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