Repair Guide DVD




This DVD Exposes For The First Time …

The Trade Secrets To Achieving Invisible Ding Repairs

This Never-Before Seen, All-Revealing Production Shows:

  • Extreme close up and detailed footage which reveals all the secrets
  • Professionally filmed in wide screen by renowned camera man and producer Mike Middleton
  • Step by step instructions
  • Expert repairer Bart Watkins leaves no tips or secrets out
  • Discover how to make the repair invisible quickly and easily
  • Tips that are generally unknown outside the industry are all revealed by Bart
  • See the 12 most common & easily avoided mistakes most people make

Using our secret solar activated formula, which is also available for purchase, Bart shows step by step how to achieve the ultimate invisible ding repair in less than an hour,so you can be back in the water in no time, surfing again.

*** Includes free downloadable eBook ***

So you can refer to it as you’re fixing your board


Hazards and consequences of not repairing your surfboard correctly

Any damage to a surfboard, regardless of how small the ding is, will affect its strength and integrity.

The fibreglass in a surfboard is what creates and gives it strength, not the foam or blank of the surfboard.

These skills once taught will allow you to repair your boards far quicker and easier and, more importantly, correctly resulting in not only increasing the life span of your favourite boards, but also their performance and appearance.

The Surfboard Repair conspiracy exposed…

Surfboard manufacturers and many surf shop retailers have for years contracted or done their own in-house repairs keeping the real techniques and secrets of correctly repairing your surfboard to themselves.

You will learn skills that will last you a lifetime and save you money!

The techniques and skills required to repair your surfboard correctly are not difficult especially when they are being shown in such step by step details as in our DVD.

We Know You’re Sick of Paying a Fortune For Repairs

So Here’s Our Guarantee to You …

If you aren’t absolutely happy with your DVD after a week

We’ll give you your money back!


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