H2Odyssey Magna Webbed COLD WATER Gloves


Webbed gloves to give you more paddling power. Neoprene all round keeps you warm in cold water.
Stay out for longer and catch more waves




What’s so good about these gloves anyway?

On the those cold days do your hands get so freezing that they ache and you just have to go in?

Do you sometimes struggle to get out the back and then when you do, you have to rest for 10 minutes?

Do you get frustrated when other surfers outpaddle you when jockeying for waves?

How frustrating is it when you can’t quite get onto that wave that would just make your day?

Wouldn’t you just love to STAY WARM AND CATCH MORE WAVES!

What makes them so awesome?

They have neoprene back AND front for maximum warmth on those cold days.

The webbed design gives you much better power through the water. Some people say up to 30% more power.

They are perfect for body boarders, kneeboarders, shortboarders and body surfers – in fact, all surfers (except for mal riders – they catch too many waves anyway!).

They are also excellent for younger and beginning surfers, giving them more confidence and enjoyment as they catch more waves. (Not to forget old farts too!)

They’re also great for swimmers as they add resistance whilst swimming laps, giving you better muscle toning.

They are also great quality. Roger Savage, owner of The Surf Guru says “I’ve been using H2Odyssey gloves for over 10 years now and am only on to my second pair, if you don’t count the pair I used for a few weeks and gave to my wife. I ride a kneeboard and just don’t go surfing without them.”

These are absolutely the best gloves you can get – bar none!

But don’t just take our word for it

Here are some comments from people who are using them :

“Fantastic service and great product. Really gets you out there” Belinda Carr Gorae VIC

“Paddling’s so much easier for this aging surfer! Very prompt delivery.” Phil Passmore Killcare NSW

“Awesome item. Works wonders in the water, catching every wave. Fantastic seller.” Eric La Alexandria NSW

“Great gloves, fit well and keep hands warm also! Xlnt!” Linda Vugrek Cordeaux Heights NSW

“Top quality product. Efficient transaction & prompt delivery.” Todd Endicott Merewether NSW


  • 2mm neoprene front and back with sharkskin palm
  • Velcro strap


  • Neoprene keeps your hands really warm
  • Lightweight – they don’t bother you
  • Flexible – you still have good feeling ability with your hands
  • Non-slip – with sharkskin palm you can still grip/pick up things (such as your board)
  • Closed fingertip design for maximum protection.




How quickly will they arrive?

Our aim is to get your Gloves to you as quickly as we can – we know you’re hanging out for them!

Most gloves ship out same day and arrive safely within a few days.

If you want them even quicker, then we suggest that you pay with PayPal and select Express Post.
We will email you when your gloves have been shipped.

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