Balin Longboard / SUP 10ft Leash


As a great value for money leash, the Longboard will give you years of good service.



Want A Good Quality Surf or SUP Leash
At a Fair Dinkum Price?

Sick of your el-cheapo leg rope tangling round your feet?



Why Balin?

At The Surf Guru we’re dedicated to bringing you the best quality and value for money products we can find for every product category that we sell.
We know that you take your sport seriously and you don’t want waste your money on overpriced, over-hyped products or products that simply don’t work or won’t last.

That’s why it’s taken us quite a while to select a legrope manufacturer that we can recommend.

At last we’ve found one!

Balin was established in 1974 by Jon Wilson and a mate on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula – famed for its rugged coastline, heavy surf and variable weather.

Focusing on shaping boards and manufacturing some of the world’s earliest leg ropes, Balin become a pioneer of the 1970s Australian surf culture revolution.

Through constant testing and refinement, they created a patented moulded end piece for leashes that would set the standard for the global market and soon Balin products could be found in surf shops all over the world.

Today, Jon Wilson still owns Balin, still surfs, and still pushes the boundaries to ensure that Balin leashes feel like they’re designed by experienced surfers for all conditions.

So here’s what it comes down to

With Balin and the Longboard leash, you’ll get gear that’s excellent quality and won’t cost you the earth.
You’ll get gear that’s going to go the distance!

  • Balin Longboard Mal SUP leg rope leash package
    Balin Longboard Mal SUP leg rope leash Knee Version packaged up ready for you

Did You Know?

The Balin Longboard Legrope  has the highest quality brass swivels embedded in the urethane at either end of the leash. These allow the leash to turn and move super freely. This reduces snaking and twisting and, importantly, it helps prevent the cord from getting caught around your feet.

The cord is made of 7.4mm diameter high quality urethane. It is engineered with the right amount of spring and elasticity. It doesn’t overstretch and have your board keep you stuck in the impact zone. It also won’t spring your board back to you too quickly and dangerously.

The leash cuff is available in either ankle or knee version and has soft and comfortable neoprene padding. It also has a nylon finish so won’t slip around too much. It will stay in place and this helps keeps the leash directed away from your feet. No more obstruction when you’re taking critical drops and the cord isn’t under your feet once on the wave.

A Tip From The Surf Guru

Ever since coming in after dark one day after an epic session at Snapper, only to find that I couldn’t read the combination on my Surflock.
No light, no phone, no money, hardly anyone around.Luckily some kind soul helped me out and I was able to get into my car.

So, now I use the key pocket on my leggie to stash a $50 note, so at least I’ll have a few options in future.

What Makes the Balin Longboard 10ft Leash so awesome?

  • Ideal for surfboards up to 10ft 6in or SUPs on flat water
  •  Ankle or Knee Strap – your choice
  • Double brass swivels, less tangles
  • 7.4mm urethane cord, strong with optimised spring and elasticity
  • Comfortable strap, doesn’t slip around your ankle or leg
  • Key/cash pocket, for added security
  • Quick release tail saver, easily swap your leggie onto another board
  • Recommended for waves up to 6ft


Various colours are available, with not all colours in stock at any one time.

Unless you ask for a particular colour when placing your order, you will be sent a random colour.

If you do ask for a particular colour, and it’s not available at the time, we will notify you before sending your order.

Additional information

Strap Location

Ankle, Knee


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