UV Repair Kit plus DVD

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Achieve quick and easy repairs with the expert DVD and eBook guidance of pro-repairer Bart Watkins.


You get Repair Kit + DVD/eBook

BIG SAVINGS over buying these items separately ($72.90)

The Pro Surfboard Repair Kit has a special formula.

Unlike traditional resins where you add a catalyst, then have a few minutes to make sure you get the resin onto your ding, usually in a panic before it starts to go off. Then you need to wait at least 8 hours with most products before you can sand and finish your repair. This traditionally made all repairs and over night process.

Not anymore!!!

With the Pro Surfboard Repair Kit formula,it allows you (as long as you’re inside out of the sunlight) to take unlimited time to put your resin on, then once you’re finished and do take it outside into the daylight it goes hard and is ready to sand in about 10 minutes (there is also a special additive in the formula to make it easy to sand).

This means that, with the Pro Surfboard Formula, you can complete your repairs in an approximately an hour (maybe a bit longer if it is a larger repair)and be back out in the water.

Once you have used this product you will never use anything else ever again,its so easy!!!


  • 250ml tin of our special formula solar-activated, easy-sand resin
  • Huge 25cm x 80cm sheet of 6oz fibreglass
  • Large 14cm x 10cm bag of Q-cell
  • 15ml catalyst (when using Q-cell only)
  • 3 large sheets of “Nortons Premium NoFill” sandpaper (80/120/180 grit)
  • 3 sheets of “Mako Premium” wet & dry sandpaper (320/800/1200 grit)

DVD exposes for the first time ..

The trade secrets to achieving invisible ding repairs
We guarantee that this is the best product of its type.

If after using it, you disagree, then we will refund your money in full.

  • Professionally filmed on location in wide screen by renowned camera man and producer Mike Middleton
  • Extreme close up and detailed footage reveals all the secret guarded techniques used by professional ding repairers.
  • Expert repairer Bart Watkins leaves no tips or secrets out of this never-before all-revealing production
  • Discover how to achieve the Holy Grail of ding repairs by making the repair invisible quickly and easily.
  • Bart reveals all the tips that are generally unknown outside of the industry as well covering the 12 most common and easily avoided mistakes made most people repairing their own surfboards.
  • Using our secret solar activated formula, which is also available for purchase, Bart in never-seen-before detail shows step by step how to achieve the ultimate invisible ding repair in less than an hour, so you can be back in the water in no time, surfing again.

** Includes free downloadable eBook **
So you can refer to it as you’re fixing your board

Sample Section from DVD


Hazards and consequences of not repairing your surfboard correctly

Any damage to a surfboard, regardless of how small the ding is, will affect its strength and integrity.

The fibreglass in a surfboard is what creates and gives it strength, not the foam or blank of the surfboard.

These skills once taught will allow you to repair your boards far quicker and easier and, more importantly, correctly resulting in not only increasing the life span of your favourite boards, but also their performance and appearance.

The Surfboard Repair conspiracy exposed…

Surfboard manufacturers and many surf shop retailers have for years contracted or done their own in-house repairs keeping the real techniques and secrets of correctly repairing your surfboard to themselves.

You will learn skills that will last you a lifetime and save you money!

The techniques and skills required to repair your surfboard correctly are not difficult especially when they are being shown in such step by step details as in our DVD.


“The Best! Received in a day and back in the water by the afternoon.” Marcelo Cardona Chaves of Mosman (NSW)

“Great product. Easy to use and fast delivery” Scott Miller of Thirroul (NSW)

“Very easy to use and works as described” Greg Ninness of Gosford (NSW)

“Thanks… Got my boards fixed – Time to go surfing!” Simon McGrade of Carnarvon (WA)

“Good service. Haven’t used the product yet (thankfully). Watched the DVD and found it well set up. Learnt some new tricks” Tony Carless of Bli Bli (QLD)

“DVD very helpful to get a pro job” Ben Latimer of Rye (VIC)

“This is a fantastic product. Works exactly how described. Easiest resin ever used!” Kellie Hennessy of Springfield QLD

“Great work. Got product super quick, and will be using again. Thanks guys.” Kate Yates of Hallett Cove SA

“Great DVD, very informative and straight forward to follow.” Paul Tenteye of Riverside TAS

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