Mini Lock Wall Mounted Security Combination Keysafe Key Safe Box Extra Tough NEW


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Want to keep your small personal items safe while you go out?

Want to Keep Your Small Personal Items Safe While You Go Out?

Check out all these items you can place in Mini Lock

Keys * Money * Small Valuables * Other Handy Items…

Need to know more?

Do you need a safe and secure place to keep your small valuables?
Do you want to go out without having to worry about your keys?
Do you need to provide access to trusted others to keys when you can’t be there yourself?
Mini Lock is the solution!

What makes Mini Lock so awesome?

Because it’s rugged, tough, simple to use and it works!
Just look at what you get:

  • Durable, all metal construction
  • Large internal compartment for emergency spare keys or other items
  • Combination lock with 10,000 possibilities
  • Soft rubber backing to protect your surfaces
  • Screws and rawl plugs for mounting on any secure surface

Mini Lock Applications:

  • Mini Lock can be easily attached to a secure place that you can easily and safely position a padlock.
  • Ideal if you need to go out but do not wish to take your keys with you.
  • It is useful when you need to grant access to your family, friends or workmates to any of your keys.

Dimensions: 75 x 60 x 30
Weight: 380g

How to Set the Combination?

1. Open the lock. Remove the sticker on the back and move the change lever to the lower left-hand corner.
2. Set the dials to your desired combination while the change lever is in the unlocked position.
3. Move the change lever back to the original position. Your combination is now set!

But There are Cheaper Locks on the Market

Yes, there are. And for good reason – You Get What You Pay For.
Mini Lock is the original and the best.

Why choose an inferior lock when you can get the GENUINE PRODUCT for a good price?
** We guarantee authenticity! **

How quickly will it arrive?

Our aim is to get your Mini Lock to you as quickly as we can – we know you’re hanging out for it!

Most Mini Locks ship out same day and arrive safely within a few days.

If you want it even quicker, then we suggest that you pay with PayPal and select Express Post. We will email you when your Mini Lock has been shipped.
For more details see both our Payment Policy and Shipping & Handling Policy.


“Great product! The number one. I would recommend it to any surfer/beachgoer.” Sam O’Brien of Currimundi QLD


“The lock is great. I can leave my keys in it and don’t have to worry about my stuff when I’m out in the water.” Todd – Pro Surfer


“I like walking on the beach but don’t have anywhere to put my keys. This is great.” Kasia – Jogger


“I always have a spare key in the lock-box for family who pop in when I’m not home.” Fay – Home Owner


“SurfLock is a practical solution to combat an increasing number of thefts down at the beach.” Anita – Police Officer


“A handy place to leave my keys when I’m training.” Dave – Tri-athlete


“Brilliant Item.” Darrell Farquharson of Mooloolaba QLD

Where Testimonials are given, they represent the experiences that have been provided by individual clients and may not be typical of what every individual will experience. All testimonials are provided voluntarily, without payment, inducement or other benefit and are from genuine clients.

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