Improve Your Surfing Fitness

Would you like to stay fit and get your body surf-ready? Check this out to find out about this amazing fitness program.

No More Sore Ribs

How many times did you wish you could surf longer? With sore ribs, this could seem to be a distant dream but not anymore with PaddleAir Ergo. Designed by David Hilts, a fit surfer from Huntington Beach, PaddleAir is for people who wanted to surf mor..

Safeguard your Car Keys with SurfLock

Do you constantly worry about your car keys while surfing? With SurfLock, you can leave your worries behind. What is SurfLock? SurfLock is a durable, rust-proof and secure place to store your car keys and immobilisers. With SurfLock, you can go and..

Kidney Belt Creates Heated Wetsuits

Would you like a heated wetsuit but don't want to pay hundreds of dollars? This great product turns your existing wetsuit into a heated one for a fraction of the price. Hotsuits invented the "World’s First HEATED WETSUIT" back in 2004 and since..