Safeguard your Car Keys with SurfLock

  • Roger
  • October 25, 2011 12:18 am

Do you constantly worry about your car keys while surfing? With SurfLock, you can leave your worries behind.

What is SurfLock?

SurfLock is a durable, rust-proof and secure place to store your car keys and immobilisers. With SurfLock, you can go and enjoy surfing or any other outdoor activity without having to bring your car keys and immobilisers with you.

Is it really safe?

SurfLock is made of metal. It has hardened steel shackle with plastic sleeve, making it hard to attack by thieves. What’s more, it has a combination lock with almost 10,000 possibilities.

How to use SurfLock?

Simply place your car keys and immobilisers in SurfLock, then off you go for a worry-free activity!

You don’t have to fret over storage space as it comes with extra large storage box. It also has a handy slot for keeping extra long keys.

SurfLock can be secured in your vehicle. It has protective rubber backing that won’t damage your car.

Buy SurfLock here.

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