Metalite Mens Short Sleeve Thermal Top XXL


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The Metalite Thermal Top gives you freedom of of movement while keeping you warmer!

 Wanna hit the waves but it’s still just a little bit nippy?

Wanna feel warm but not constricted?
Get A Good Quality Thermal Top
At A Fair Dinkum Price


Metalite Short Sleeve Men

This’ll keep the wind off and provide enough warmth for a decent session during Spring or Autumn.

Why Aleeda?

AT Top Deals Here we’re dedicated to bringing you the best quality and value for money products we can find for every product category that we sell. We know that you take your sport seriously and you don’t want waste your money on overpriced, overhyped products or products that simply don’t work or won’t last.

That’s why it’s taken us quite a while to select a wetsuit manufacturer that we can recommend.

At last we’ve found one!

Aleeda are an Australian company, based at Burleigh Heads, who’ve been making wetsuits and lycra tops since the 1960′s.

They’re a company who’ve gone the distance, just like their wetsuits! They’re deeply involved not only in Surfing, Bodyboarding, Kite and Sail, but also with Surf Life Saving and Rescue and Emergency Services, Paddling disciplines, Surf Schools and Triathlons.

Aleeda sell a lot to surf schools and other people like that really give their gear a hammering. They’re on and off many times a day and they don’t always get looked after terribly well. They often just get thrown in a heap and don’t get rinsed and generally get trashed. But they keep coming back for more so they must be getting good value for money.

Aleeda don’t waste heaps of money on sponsorship, they just make great performance wetsuits and rashies at affordable prices. You’re the one who reaps the benefits. You’re not paying for the name.

So here’s what it comes down to

With Aleeda you’ll get gear that’s excellent quality and won’t cost you the earth.
You’ll get gear that’s going to go the distance! 

We stock the full range of Aleeda tops – and there are quite a few, so we thought we’d produce this comparison chart to help
you choose which will be the best top for you right now.

Need to Know More?

Compared to standard neoprene tops, the new Metalite top is far superior.

With the titanium lining blended into the neoprene on the inside, it reflects heat back into the body and prevents wind chills & keeps you warm.

Feels like a standard rashie but gives you the warmth of a 2mm wettie!

This Metalite Thermal Top is perfect if you’re into surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, Kayaking, jet skiing or any water activity.

What Makes the Aleeda Metalite Thermal Top so awesome?

  • Made from lightweight stretch fabrics, flexible and very comfortable to wear against the skin
  • Unique 1mm titanium layered neoprene, wind proof material which keeps you warm
  • With Heat Reflecting Thermal Insulation, a metal weave into the fabric which provides additional warmth by reflecting your body heat back into your body
  • Easy to rinse
  • Dries easily
  • Slim fit
  • Designed to be worn on its own or under a wetsuit, provides additional warmth
  • Used flatlock stitches to minimize skin rubbing

Size Chart

XXL only left in stock

Note that the smaller sizes are on a separate listing
and are a slightly different price

Men's Size Chart

Please note that these sizes are designed for a Firm Fit 
just like the hard core pros use.
They are NOT a “small sizing”, but will fit snugly with nothing flapping around to slow you down.

If you prefer a looser fit, please go up a size or even two.

Keep warm and feel free.

With Aleeda’s specialization in manufacturing wetsuits & lycra tops, a performance thermal top that will go the distance is guaranteed!

The Metalite Thermal Top gives you freedom of of movement while keeping you warmer!

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